Steering Committee

  • Pascal Molli, LINA, Nantes University (FR)
    • Pascal Molli graduated from Nancy University (France) and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nancy University in 1996. From 1997 to September 2010, he is Associate Professor at University of Nancy. In 1998, he participated to the creation of the INRIA ECOO (Environments for Cooperation) project. In 2001, he becomes vice-head of the INRIA ECOO Team. In October 2009, he creates and leads the INRIA SCORE team. From September 2010 to current, he is Full Professor at University of Nantes and is head of GDD Team. Pr. Molli published more than 80 papers in software engineering, information systems, distributed systems and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). He as served on program committee of 20 conferences or workshops. He participated to national projects such as Libresource, Xwiki-Concerto and international projects such as European Project Qualipso. He is currently involved in ANR Project Concordant and STREAMS and he is coordinator of ANR Project Kolflow. Pr. Molli mainly worked on collaborative distributed systems and focused on problems of consistency of shared data in collaborative environments and awareness models for collaborative editing. His current research topics are : algorithms for distributed collaborative systems, distributed collaborative systems, privacy and security and collaborative distributed systems for the Semantic Web.
  • Hideaki Takeda, National Institute of Informatics (JP)
    • Hideaki Takeda is a Professor in the Principles of Informatics Research Division, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan and is also Director of the R&D Center for Scientific Information Resources in NII. His research background is in artificial intelligence, but his focus is now on the social and semantic web. In his semantic web research, he proposed various semantic blogging systems and also a LISP-based OWL processor. He has carried out research on online communities such as analyses of social networks in popular video sites. He now leads a project called LODAC that collects, integrates and publishes various types of scientific information such as museum information and species information as Linked Open Data (LOD). He has worked on the program committees for many WWW and Semantic Web-related conferences.
  • John Breslin, DERI, NUI Galway (IE)
    • John Breslin is a lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the School of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway, and a researcher with DERI, a Semantic Web research institute at NUI Galway. He is co-leader and founder of the Social Software Unit at DERI. He is coauthor of the book "The Social Semantic Web" (Springer, 2009). John is General Chair for the forthcoming ICWSM-12 conference. He is also the founder of the SIOC project, which aims to interlink online communities with semantics. John has received a number of awards for website design, including a Golden Spider for the Irish community website, which he co-founded in 2000. The Irish Internet Association presented him with Net Visionary awards in 2005 and 2006. John is a director of Ltd. and co-founder of Adverts Marketplace Ltd., and is also an advisor to some social media companies including CrowdGather and Social Bits. He has been interviewed or cited by various media sources including New Scientist, Computer, PC World,The Sunday Times and RTÉ. He is founder of the New Tech Post, a web-based publisher of daily articles focusing on forthcoming technology areas in business, video, mobile and social media.
  • Sebastian Schaffert, Salzburg Research (AT)
    • Sebastian Schaffert is Head of Unit of the Knowledge and Media Technologies (KMT) group at Salzburg Research with around 20 researchers, which is concerned with semantic systems, social media, and multimedia management. He is also Scientific Director of Salzburg NewMediaLab (SNML), the Austrian industry competence centre on New Media and coordinator of the EU FP7 project KiWi (Knowledge in a Wiki) on knowledge management with Semantic Wikis. He received his PhD from the University of Munich in 2004 in the area of reasoning. He is primarily engaged in research on the Social Semantic Web and Knowledge Management, where he is a well-known representative. He was co-programme chair of the (I-) Semantics conference series (2006, 2007 and 2008).